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Rich’s art journey

Painting my way through a life with Parkinson’s disease 

In the summer of 2018 I started to notice my Right hand wasn’t doing quite what I wanted it to do. Within 6 months I had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and as part of my journey with PD I picked up a paint brush and started painting again after about a 10 year hiatus. These are some of the results. Some I like, others less so. Now I paint almost every day and it’s helping me deal with the ups and downs of life with Mr P. 

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Stepper Point, Cornwall

Oil on board

stepper point.jpg
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In a bid to change the mood (see what I did there..?) and also allow some of the other paintings to dry I thought I'd have a go at...


Mr Parkinson has been visiting recently, more than usual anyway. Sleep has been short lived and my energy reduced as well as some...

Pentire Point, Cornwall

Many family holidays spent here, nowhere beats the North Cornish coast for me This started life as a tropical beach but Cornwall drew me...


The lighthouse is an iconic Norfolk landmark. I've taken some license here, but the field and sky with the red and white lighthouse is...

Jane and Bea, Winterton

Oil on board This was inspired by a visit to the Norfolk Coast a few years ago. I do like having the coast within striking distance. The...

Stepper Point

Oil on board. Cornwall is one of my Happy Places, and especially the North Coast near Padstow.

Radio Norfolk Interview Just in case anyone is interested, this is an interview I did with Edd Smith on Radio Norfolk...

Silver birch

Watercolour on paper. Silver birch trees are somehow at their best in Winter. The bark catches the light and they shine amongst the...

Been a while

Not posted for a while as life has been busy. These 3 make me smile.

Just another post

These two paintings are a departure for me as they contain people, and some beach huts. I find painting people tricky, they always come...


I go through stages of ebb and flow with my Right hand function. Recently I have had a more noticeable tremor (noticeable to me at...

Early starts

Parkinson’s affects people in many ways beyond the muscle stiffness and tremor. For me sleep disturbance is probably one of the biggest...


I have experimented with watercolours from time to time. They are much less forgiving and I don’t enjoy painting with them as much as I...

Snowy days

This is an earlier effort, looking East from the house. We don’t get much snow these days, but the landscape is magical when we do. What...


The irony of painting a very relaxed and somnolent cat when I find sleeping well is elusive is not lost on me. Black is very tricky I...

Yellow 2

Finished. For now anyway. The temptation to keep fiddling and fussing with paintings is often to their detriment. I am learning to leave...


Amongst the many non motor symptoms associated with Parkinsons Disease is poor sleep. Anyone who has PD or lives with someone affected...


We are lucky to live in a very quiet, rural area that is full of the bright yellow of rapeseed at this time of year. Love it or hate it...

Almscliffe Crag

An outcrop of tough millstone grit to the North of Leeds that is eroding at a slower rate than the softer surrounding shale. This place...

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